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Keep Allergies at Bay with a High Quality Quilt Protector

Keep Allergies at Bay with a High Quality Quilt Protector

A quilt protector is designed to offer adequate protection against all known allergens by introducing a fine mesh between you and your bedding. These meshes can reduce your exposure to dust mites to a sizable extent, and prevent the negative effects of allergies deriving from dust mites.

You can use the protector to enclose your entire mattress, pillow or bedding, so you can easily get some  quality sleep and avoid the discomfort and health problems that would otherwise affect you.

The Main Features You Can Expect

If you’re looking for a well-designed quilt protector, there are many great options available for you. Highly refined, soft, air-permeable natural cotton products featuring a good enough length, and able to provide ideal protection against dust mites, are your best choices.

These items act as powerful protectors against allergens, and they are also recommended for protecting against several dust mite-related problems, including eczema, asthma or chronic rhinitis. Here is what you should be looking for:

  • Made from high quality 100% cotton material, the products are designed with a micron pore size lower than 3-5 microns, now considered the ideal size for quilt protection.
  • The manufacturing details should show a remarkable level of quality, with durable taped seams and a long, easy fit zipper.
  • As you feel the fabric, it should be soft and pleasant to the touch, and its ability to keep body heat and moisture in check should ensure a remarkably comfortable sleeping experience.
  • The ideal protection product contains no harmful chemicals, such as bleaches and dyes, so you can be sure it’s 100% safe and natural.

These features and benefits will grant you ideal protection even if you’re using a non-hypoallergenic duvet or doona. The protector will effectively keep dust mites and other harmful particles away, and you can breathe easily and forget about the debilitating health problems associated with less effective protection covers.

Good Protection from Allergens

Allergy sufferers are heavily affected by dust mite droppings and other small particles that tend to end up on most types of bedding and duvets. If you want to get rid of them, a reliable product designed for quilt protection can be remarkably useful, since it prevents not only the dust mites from getting through, but also even the smallest particles that could potentially trigger your allergies.

The micron pore size is especially important. Provided that it’s small enough, it ensures that dust mites, the tiny food particles they feed on, and any harmful particles embedded with enzymes derived from the dust mites are kept well away from your skin and breathing space.

With a quilt protector, you can now breathe easily and sleep well without having to worry about any of the negative consequences of using old, unreliable duvet or quilt products.

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