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The Stress-Free Guide to Moving with Pets & Young Children

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Undoubtedly, moving home can be stressful. Boxes can disappear in the truck at one end but reappear in a random location around the new home.

The stress of not getting anything may be amplified by dogs barking, wanting food to eat, and kids screaming, asking for their toys.

If you are juggling pets and kids, the following are strategies from the pros to help you move stress-free and comfortably:

1. Hire Movers

Enlisting the services of moving companies, like McLaughlin Transportation, is similar to hiring an expert to clean your home. These experts have the skills to turn the chaos of relocating into science.

Their expertise and efficiency may save you many days of stress. Plus, they may enable you to make alternate plans for the day of relocating. The plans can involve taking your pets for a walk and your kids to a local amusement park.

2. Involve Your Kids

Let your kids take care of their bedrooms. This needs to include letting them pack their things as well as choosing where to put their belongings in the new room.

It can also be a good time to consider decluttering. For this, give them boxes to keep unwanted clothes and toys. Encourage them as well to personalize all their boxes with colored stickers and pens and give them assurance that they are going to see their stuff again.

3. Visit the New Hometown and Home

Showing your children where they will settle will help them be excited about life in their new hometown and home.

If you plan to move to a place they have never been before, take your children to their new hometown. This way, they will get ready and acclimated for the relocation.

If you are unable to visit the place in person, opt to tour the neighborhood with technology. All you need to do is to use Google Maps and have a look at the new place. This may include looking at the parks, surroundings of the house, and other fun parts of the new place.

4. Look for a Nearby Animal Hospital and Veterinarian

If you will be relocating far away, looking for an animal hospital and veterinarian in the new place is important.

Stressed-out pets can swallow and chew on something that they shouldn’t. So it is crucial to look for the phone number and address on hand in case of an emergency.

5. Stick to the Normal Routine

Time often has a way of losing meaning, especially when preparing yourself for your move. For most of you who go to bed by 9 pm can find yourself packing boxes and sorting through cabinets at 3 am or taking lunch at 5 pm because you slipped by early in the day.

Although a week of being off-schedule is okay for you, pets tend to get tied to normal routines. It will be best to help your pets know what to anticipate from their lives and their people. This, in turn, will build trust in the environment.

Concluding Remarks!

Relocating with pets and kids can be a challenge. However, with proper preparation and planning, it may be an exciting and fun time for every individual involved.

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