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How to Pack Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks from Professional Movers

How to Pack Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks from Professional Movers

Moving to a new house is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. However, packing your things well and moving them to a new house can be very overwhelming. This is especially true if you have too much stuff, a tight deadline, and a limited budget.

Fortunately, with some tips and tricks from professional movers at companies like AAA Moving, you can easily pack like a pro. Some of these tips and tricks are:

  1. Hire a Professional Mover

Professional movers are the best option if you don’t have time on your side. When hiring a mover, choose a company, which can handle everything, including unpacking, packing, and moving things from one point to another.

  1. Create a Moving Timeline and Checklist

Before you even start preparing for the move, creating a moving timeline and checklist will be thoughtful. Of course, your timeline will be different from everyone else’s, and it may depend on factors such as the reason for your move and the distance.

Some individuals have three months, while others only have three weeks. Whichever the case, you may work backward from your move-in day so as to distribute tasks evenly. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed or rushed.

  1. Put Together Packing Supplies

Putting together some packing supplies is one of the important yet overlooked steps of packing like a pro. Some of the things you will need for the packing process may include moving boxes. Buy various large, medium, and small boxes. And if you want to hire a long-distance or local mover, ask whether they provide boxes.

You will also need scissors and packing tape to disassemble, open, secure, and assemble your boxes. Apart from scissors, packing tape, and moving boxes, other supplies you will need are:

  • Markers and labels
  • Cleaning suppliers
  • Furniture covers
  • Plastic wrap or bubble wrap
  1. Don’t Care Everything with You

Most professional movers are usually surprised at how much stuff needs to be packed, yet they don’t need them in their new homes. These may include half-empty bottles of spices, outdated furniture, and old knick-knacks.

To ensure you don’t pack the things you don’t need, take an inventory of all the things you need and decide what to take with you in a new home. Rather than packing that box of turtlenecks or a bin of Beanie Babies, consider holding a yard sale and using that money for your moving expenses. You can also donate some of your things to charities or friends.

  1. Follow Room-by-Room Approach

A more organized packing needs a room-by-room approach. Instead of bringing random things from various rooms and putting them in a box, dealing with one room at a time will make more sense.

While doing so, label your things based on categories, such as accessories, shoes, books, and clothes. Then take boxes to every room and pack them into their category.

Final Touches!

Moving, especially for first-timers, can be very stressful. But in your case, it doesn’t have to be so. If you take more time to organize and plan everything, you will pack your things like a pro and simplify the process.

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