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How to Create the Rooms You Need from Unused Space: Best 7 Simple Tips

How to Create the Rooms You Need from Unused Space: Best 7 Simple Tips

Wondering how you can create the rooms you need from unused spaces?

Here Are 7 Simple Tips That Will Surely Inspire You!

  1. Rework Your Floor Space

It’s ideal for repurposing the current floor space; for example, if your dining space is adjacent to the kitchen, you can remove any interfering partitions or walls to open up the kitchen. The open flooring plan can make room for more storage, as suggested by some of the best Interior Decorators in Mumbai. The open floor plan makes room for more storage and less clutter while leaving room for a family dinner. You can use the extra space for adding an island or a chest of drawers for adding small spice boxes.

2. Small sized furniture

Another great idea for repurposing unused spaces is to start thinking of them in terms of small-sized furniture, and you can discover great ideas. You can get small-sized wall-mounted tables that can easily double up as working spaces, a movie-watching zone, or a dining spaces.

3. Craft Room

The key to a functional craft room is sizeable storage. You can create custom storage solutions within the space and organise your supplies correctly. Be it extra drawers to paper organisers, a few additional storages can make the difference. 

4. Smart Storage Room

If you already have a storage room and cannot access 90% of the items in the storage, then it might be time to create a smart storage room. You can add custom shelves to fit the space, multiple wall organisers and even cabinets to hide all messy-looking items. This can allow you to quickly go through your items, determine what you use and what you no longer require, and create a system that is always easy and fresh to access.

5. Bring out the best of your balcony.

Not every residence is blessed with a balcony, but the ones with a great balcony might sometimes ignore it. This results in a purposeless balcony filled with trash. Be it a regular or dry balcony; you can convert it into an attractive place with creativity.

Several balcony transformation ideas can be tried, adding a small garden, a cosy tea table, or a reading nook. You can even add some colours and accessories with a few string lights and create your own zen space.

6. Get the best out of a spare room.

If you have ample space in a corner or a spare room that you hardly use, it’s time to give them a purpose. You can convert it into a home office by adding a small chair, table, and shelves. You can even create a reading corner or gaming corner.

You can even use the spare room to create a gym, a Tv room or a play area.

7. Home Library 

It’s time to dust off your books and install floor-to-ceiling shelving that can act as a display case and provide you with the room of your dreams. You can add a comfortable reading chair and a corner desk if you have enough space.

The Best Residential Interior Designer can help you rethink unused spaces. They can turn into great ideas as they give new meaning and appeal to underutilised spaces, and make them more special and functional.

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